General Machining

SMP has the capabilities to machine a wide range of sizes of parts and in a variety of materials. We have extensive inspection capabilities and are looking for new methods and techniques all the time. While we do not work with organic materials (rubbers, elastomers) as a general rule, we are always willing to discuss new opportunities.

With our ability to accurately measure diameters and surface characteristics, we are able to confirm hidden dimensions by careful controls prior to and after coating, welding and other finishing processes.

Precision machining capabilities allow us to produce a wide-range of basic to complex components with very tight tolerances and consistent quality. Being able to achieve this high level of difficulty provides our customers with finished products that can be interchanged with ease.

Our expertise in working with materials such as carbon, titanium, Inconel or alloy steels results in products designed to withstand extreme environments, from the freezing cold of space to the combustion stream of a jet engine.

Multiple mounting options are available including split housing, back-to-back, face-to-face or tandem configuration. This broad selection ensures a perfect fit for your application and provides the ease of assembly needed for critical turnaround in chemical or pipeline applications.

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